DIY Suitcase Pet Bed Tutorial

DIY Suitcase Pet Bed 

DIY Suitcase Pet Bed Vintage

My version of the DIY Suitcase Pet Bed is pretty simple (like most things I do).


1 suitcase

Upholstery fabric

A pillow, polyester stuffing, or something squishy


Sewing machine


Cowboy hat or other fun acessories

Now What…

Buy/find a suitcase 

The suitcase says, "JC Pennys"

Well I purchased my suitcase from a thrift store for $1.99 . Très vintage… you could smell the vintage-ness.

Remove top of suitcase 

For my suitcase I literally just ripped it in half… But a better way would be to use a drill or a screwdriver. 

Measure the interior of the suitcase

Vintage DIY Suitcase Pet Bed

Or simply find a cushion or pillow that fits inside the suitcase. Most standard pillows will fit inside a suitcase. I used my old foam mattress topper. I love reusing and repurposing things!

*just remember to leave a few extra inches when taking measurements. This allows you to have extra fabric to work with just incase you encounter a problem

Make the Cushion 

DIY Pet Suitcase Vintage Bed

DIY Suitcase Pet Bed Sewing

I chose nautical themed fabric to match my living room. I got it on sale at Hancock Fabrics months ago. The cowboy hat? It serves no real purpose 🙂

Finishing touches 

I added a sisal border to add to the nautical theme. My mom helped a lot with this project. I am not really the patient type. She helped measure everything out and made sure I didn’t aimlessly cut things!  This project has been in the making for over a year now. It’s so nice to finally have it completed!


Let me know what you think 🙂

2 thoughts on “DIY Suitcase Pet Bed Tutorial

    • Thanks! it’s really simple to make too! I saw some really cute nautical pet beds by Martha Stewart at Petsmart but I couldn’t convince myself to spend $40 + for a bed my dog is going to horde treats in lol.

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